Police Reports

Byron Police report 10-19-20

Sept. 23 Byron Police investigated an accident with no injuries that occurred at the intersection of Rt. 72 and German Church Rd. Involved were Jeffrey Watts, 64 of Oregon, and Terrise Cazy, 59 of Rockford. Watts was issued a citation for Disobeying a Traffic Sign.... more


Ogle County sheriff 10-12-20

Oct. 6 The following were arrested for Ogle County Outstanding Warrants: Duane Leonard, 52, of Rockford for Failure to Appear warrant. Leonard had a bond of $1673.75 and went to court. The judge gave Leonard a $400 bond. Leonard posted bond and was released from the Ogle County Jail. Leonard will have to return for court on 11/30/20 at 9 am. Kamal Abdallah, 46, of Dekalb for Failure to Appear. Abdallah had a bond of $8762.14 and went to court. The judge gave Abdallah a $100 bond and Abdallah posted bond. Abdallah was released from the Ogle County Jail and will return to court on 10/26/20 at 9 am.... more


Oregon Police report 10-12-20

Sept. 28 At 2:53 p.m., Oregon Police issued Issac D. Reber, 16, Oregon, a citation for speeding, 46 mph in a 30 mph zone. This violation occurred in the 1000 block of Adams Street.... more


Polo Police report 10-5-20

On Sept. 12 at 12:40 p.m., Polo Police arrested Jarod Wiggins, 33, of Polo, on an outstanding Ogle County warrant and an outstanding Stephenson County warrant. Wiggins was transported to the Ogle County Jail.... more


Byron Police report 10-5-20

Aug. 29 Byron Police arrested Jessica Mashaw, 36 of Rockford, for Aggravate Driving Under the Influence, No Valid Driver’s License, Improper Lane Usage, Illegal Transportation of Alcohol, and No Proof of Insurance. Mashaw was transported to the Ogle County Jail and held without bond.... more


Oregon Police report 10-5-20

Sept. 14 At 12:40 a.m., Oregon Police issued Michael D. Fritz, 24, Machesney Park, a citation for speeding, 46mph in a 30mph zone. This violation occurred in the 400 block of N. 4th Street.... more


Ogle County Sheriff 10-5-20

Sept. 22 Ogle County Sheriff's Deputies arrested Kenny Wollitz, 35 of Rockford, for Driving While License Revoked. Wollitz was arrested by Ogle County Sheriff's Deputies on Hwy 251 near Davis Junction after being stopped for Speeding. Wollitz was also arrested for 2 outstanding Rockford warrants. Wollitz was held in lei of bond at the Ogle County Jail. ... more