Local sports year comes to a close

With Byron’s 13-3 super-sectional loss in baseball to DePaul College Prep, yes, the same school that played the Byron girls at the basketball super-sectional, the local high school sports year comes to an end.... more

How the left and right exploit our election system

An April 25 NBC News report signifies the kind of choice that we’ll likely face in the 2024 presidential election. It revealed an approval rating of 34 percent for Donald Trump versus a similarly-pitiful 38 percent for Joe Biden. 60 percent didn’t want Mr. Trump to run. 70 percent said the same of President Biden.... more

Half a student and postseason roundup

With all that is going on in high-school sporting events this week, it’s hard to prioritize the order of things, so let’s start with something is neither a game nor a meet. And that is the Morrison school board voting to join the Northwest Upstate Illinois Conference beginning in the 2024-25 year.... more

Pomp and Circumstance

Pomp and Circumstance playing in the background as graduates will be marching down the aisle to accept their diplomas. Proud parents, family and friends crowding gymnasium bleachers or folding chairs to cheer on their loved one.... more

How Polo supports one of its own

Last weekend was one of the best of the year for me with an Oregon pole vaulter I help coach qualifying for state on Friday and then spending Sunday with the woman who gave me birth 65 years ago on Mother’s Day.... more

Baseball on the radio

Mother’s Day has passed. Hope all of you mother’s out there had time to spend with your children and family; and I hope they pampered you for the day in return for the countless times you’ve pampered them. Who knows; maybe they even did the laundry by themselves!... more