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  • TV weather people need to take cover during storms

    Hurricanes are just not cool. Not at all. Recently, we have had Irma tear through the Caribbean and Florida and points north. My son, who lives north of Miami, was thankfully out of state when it hit. But there was damage near his place when he got home a few days later.

  • I went to Vegas, and I'll gladly talk about it

    I love Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a great place for entertainment. It has some incredible restaurants. It has plenty of glitz and glamour. I like it so much that I will give it a pass for making Carrot Top more famous than he should be.

  • Not sure I will ever get over liver day

    Liver day. Those two words would strike more fear in the hearts of school kids in my day than “go to the principal’s office.” We even feared liver day more than that pink sawdust stuff they put on puke when a kid had too much fun on the playground after lunch.

  • Sometimes we need a little clarification

    My mother was very good at clarifying things for me. If I was unsure about what she meant when she told me to clean my room, she made certain I knew exactly what she meant. And it wasn't “move the pile of junk from one side of the room to the other.”

  • It's time to declare what you believe in

    That a protest held by white supremacists, neo-Nazis and alt-right fanatics recently in Chaslottesville, Va., turned violent is no surprise. Hate and violence go hand in hand. The screaming, torch holding, and death – they are sadly not new to this country. And for anyone who thinks this type of hatred is a thing of the past, this recent event shows the truth. It is alive and well.

  • What happened to weather forecasting?

    I am a firm believer in science. Science is reality, to me. Science is about experimentation and finding the truth. Science is about discovery. We have seen great improvements in our lives thanks to science. That is especially true when it comes to medic

  • No, I have never watched 'Game of Thrones'

    The looks are quite amusing, really. First it is shock – like deep shock. Being slapped in the face shock. That is followed by a sadness. It is fairly close to losing a family member sadness. Not quite, but in that neighborhood at least.

  • Just another thing to add to the list

    Let's just get this out there – this has not been greatest summer on record. The latest episode in my “summer of discontent” started out as a real high point. My wife and I finally bought a riding mower. It was just in time too, because I was starting to

  • President should worry less about ratings

    The most recent poll shows President Trump’s approval rating of 36 percent is the lowest of any president since Harry Truman.

  • Not all casinos were created equally

    The smell of cigarette smoke. The sound of oxygen tanks banging off of machines. The stomach ache that comes after the buffet. It can only be talking about one thing – a casino, baby!

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Taft Campus tour set

OREGON – The Oregon Park District has teamed up with Taft Campus to offer a luncheon and tour to the public. Thousands of people visit Taft Campus each year. Yet, many that live close to it haven't been out for years or haven't visited at all. The campus is usually closed to the public but we have the perfect opportunity for you to visit.

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